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On 12 December 2014, the final conference of the Wood2Good project took place at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).


During the conference an overview of the Wood2Good results were presented together with the analysis of the situation in the wood sector and the case studies selected in the countries involved in the project.


Mr Patrizio Pesci, Co-President of the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI), from the European Economic and Social Committee, welcomed all the participants and presented the latest report of the EESC regarding the wood sector "Contribution of the woodworking sector to the carbon balance", report recently finalized.


After a short introduction to the objectives and proceedings of the Wood2Good project made by Marisol Sánchez-Tarazaga Marcelino, representing the Project leader (Ministry of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment of the Valencian Regional Government), Mr Harald Mauser, Liaison Officer of the European Forest Institute opened the 1st Session "The wood industry in Europe: what do EU institutions foresee?" where the participants could hear these interventions:


  1. "The contribution of the woodworking sector to the carbon balance" by Mr Patrizio Pesci, Co-rapporteur of the EESC opinion on "Contribution of the woodworking sector in the carbon balance", European Economic and Social Committee.

  2. "The wood-processing industries in the context of evolving EU policies" by Mr Jeremy Wall, Principal Administrator, Forest-Based Industries Unit, DG ENTR, European Commission.

Before the coffe-break, Mr Radoslaw Owczarzak, Policy officer of the DG EMPL, Unit -Sectorial Employment Challenges, Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship, took the floor and talked on the Progress Program and the common objectives pursued.



The 2nd Session of the Conference "Feedbacks from the field: what is at stake in the wood sector?" was moderated by Ms Cécile Sauvage, Consultant of Fundación Equipo Humano, and the participants heard these interventions:

  1. "State of play and opportunities in the wood sector : Wood2Good survey results" by Mr Marcos Sabater Galindo, Project manager of FEVAMA.

  2. "Wood2Good Best practices" by Mr Marco Braga, Head of Employment Services of Verona Innovazione.

  3. "Wood2Good Innovative proposals" by Mr Jake Kaner, Professor of the Buckinghamshire New University.

  4. "Sustainable working conditions as preconditions for a sector's sustainability" by Mr Rolf Gehring, Political Secretary Safety & Health of the European Federation of Building and Woodworkers (EFBWW).


Afterwards, Ms Marie Leprêtre, Project manager of the partner Pour la Solidarité, presented the Book of Recommendations "Restructuring the wood industry towards a green economy: practical recommendations", fruitful result of the local workshops conclusions organised by the project partners that were based on the experience of some of the best-established companies of the sector.


Finally, this Conference was closed by Mr Felipe Codina Bellés, Director General for Labour, Ministry of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Employment of the Valencian Regional Government (CEITE).



This event was hold both in French and English and got together many participants who could make questions regarding the topic of the Conference both to the speakers invited and to the partners of the Wood2Good project.


Summarising, this Conference has been very fruitful as it has been the place where the Book of good practices and innovative proposals in the sector (Innobox Book) has been presented, together with the Recommendations Book, both edited with the aim to underline the opportunities offered by the restructuring of the wood sector in a perspective of transition towards a green economy and the role of the different stakeholders in this context and the inclusion of concerned workers.


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