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Achieving products´ longevity: tradition & ecology combined - Valcucine (Italy)

Increase the longevity of the products by relying on the values of the tradition. More an object lasts a long time, most can be considered sustainable. Craft achievements contribute to its...

Stewart Linford:Company transformation - Luxury in Wood (UK)

Relocation to a modern build for purpose location and diversification of production. Rebrand to Luxury in Wood Ltd. and add quality sofas as products.

LEAN methodology: Implementing a new quality management system - SALM Group (France)

SALM implemented many different LEAN tools. The first one was the 5S. Afterwards LEAN tools were developed in the manufacturing processes as well as in all the different departments of the company.

Plastic waste? Durable & sustainable furniture - Plasteconwood (UK)

Following 6 years of research and development, Plastecowood® has created a new range of alternative-to-wood profiles and products. Committed to environmental and ecological principles the...

Tectonics 5.5: Managing the products´ end of life stage - Oberflex (France)

Tectonics 5.5 is a solution that anticipates the management at the end of product life with disassembly and easy separation of the materials (wood or metal) with a view to their rehabilitation.

Eco-socio-design approach on house windows - Menuiserie Thiebaud (France)

The company has developed and marketed a new type of window wooden, CAMELEWOOD ®, to reduce environmental impacts through its life cycle. It is a window in wood (FIR of the Jura) with internal...

Implementation of Eco-design approach - Laudescher (France)

To validate its approach in sustainable development implementation, the Laudescher company was certified ISO 14001 in November 2012 and has been awarded the ISO 50001 in February 2013 recognizing...

Wood: Creating sustainable and ergonomic living spaces - Johnny Grey Studios (UK)

Propose a design kitchen versus built-in to create a sustainable and ergonomic living space with utilisation of wood as prime material.

“Give a second life to your furniture” - IKEA (France)

IKEA has implemented in the spring of 2013 a new service of resumption of IKEA furniture against vouchers: “give a second life to your furniture.” This service was set up to promote the re-use of...

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