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Project description

Wood is one of the most important industrial sectors in Europe, with close to 3 million workers in EU27, and 380000 enterprises generating an annual turnover of 300 billion euro. Since this sector is mainly made of SMEs, it plays an essential role to achieve EU2020 objectives and especially the flagship initiative "An industrial policy for the globalization era", that states the improvement of SMEs to foster the development of a strong industry based on innovation.

The wood sector is currently affected by the crisis, especially due to the contraction of the construction sector, key market for wood products. However, as mentioned by the EC in the COM(2008) 113 final, the wood sector currently faces new challenges and opportunities, to implement innovative solutions to answer the fight against climate change and become the competitive sector it is expected to be in Europe.

In this context, the project Wood2Good have as main objective the analyze of the current situation of restructuring in the sector and establishment of recommendations to ensure a responsible change of wood SMEs oriented to the Green Economy. W2G will facilitate the comprehension of employment situation in the wood sector, enlightening the role of each stakeholders to anticipate changes and restructuring socially responsible, providing an analyze based on restructuration cases, dialogue between experts and best practices and innovative proposal exchanges, leading to a series of recommendations.

Wood2Good Work Plan

W2G has established a work plan divided in several work packages to ensure the development of its activities. Apart from a working package dedicated to the project management and quality assurance, W2G will be made of 4 main implementation WP, each one of them including dissemination tasks to foster the visibility of the actions.

  1. Improving the comprehension of the employment situation in the Wood sector. The project will start with investigation activities. First, the project partners will launch an online survey to collect data on the situation in the sector. It will be completed by a bibliographical review and a transnational event to discuss the project methodology.
  2. Exchanges of information on restructuration in the Wood sector. Partners will identify cases of restructuring in wood sector SMEs, and then, will provide an analyze of these cases. In parallel, partners will invite experts engaged in this sector to participate to 4 workshops organized at local level in order to discuss about the study cases and provide their opinion on possible improvements. The focus will be made on the role of the distinct stakeholders involved in restructuring and orientation towards green economy.
  3. In order to explore new possibilities of actuation to anticipate the changes in the wood sector, partners will seek for best practices and innovation collected all over Europe. They will be collected and presented in the InnoBox IT tool and book.
  4. Finally, each partner will share and compare the conclusion of the activities lead in each countries, and discuss together to agree on common recommendations to be disseminated among wood actors at regional, national and European level through a short printed document and in electronic format. These recommendations will especially focus on restructuring toward the green economy and the role of each stakeholder in the restructuring processes. A European Conference will be organized in Brussels for the dissemination of the results