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Librería de documentación

Atrás Best practices and innovative proposals - INNOBOX BOOK

Best practices and innovative proposals - INNOBOX BOOK

Best practices and innovative proposals - INNOBOX BOOK {reserved_article_title} PDF

The present InnoBox book aims at presenting a selection of the most relevant best practices and innovative proposals of sustainable restructuring in the wood sector identified in the framework of the Wood2Good project. On the one hand, the best practices will highlight actions already initiated by companies, the implementation process they followed and the results to be expected. On the other hand, the innovative solutions will investigate on innovation and future practices to be developed with the aim to green the wood sector.

Tipo de documento

  • Conclusiones sobre los casos de estudio de los Talleres locales
  • Mejores prácticas
  • Propuestas verdes innovadoras


  • España
  • Italia
  • Francia
  • Inglaterra


  • Sawed and sanded (A 1st Wood processing)
  • Sheets manufacture (1st Wood processing)
  • Board Manufacturing (1st Wood processing)
  • Industrial preparation (1st Wood processing)
  • Packings and packaging (2nd Transformation)
  • Furniture (2nd transformation)
  • Carpentry (2nd Transformation)
  • Trim and moldings (2nd Transformation)
  • Wood and furniture sector in general
  • Otros

Tipo de innovación

  • Recursos humanos
  • Administrativa
  • Energia
  • Tecnológico
  • Productividad
  • Competitividad
  • Internalización
  • Financiera
  • Gestión del tiempo

Palabras clave

  • Energia
  • Uso de madera en cascada
  • Bosque
  • Huella/anteproyecto
  • Reciclaje
  • Entrenamiento
  • Metodología LEAN
  • Proceso
  • Construcción
  • Beneficios económicos
  • Marketing