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Ves enrere Verona Innovazione

Verona Innovazione

Verona Innovation is the Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce Verona .
The Company pursues the public interest and its establishment is part of the purpose of promotion of the provincial economy pursued by the Chamber of Commerce.
The company, with management autonomy , seeks the following purposes:

  • INFORMATION through the organization of seminars , conferences, congressional initiatives in general, emerging problems ;
  • Search for the deepening of the themes of business economics , the new entrepreneurship , quality , technological innovation , the environment ;
  • SERVICES for the increase of productivity and the growth of competitiveness in all economic sectors ;
  • Promoting entrepreneurship ' through training and information for entrepreneurs and their employees ; Information - particularly with regard to the opportunities offered by the framework of incentives regional, national and Community - Research and provision of services to businesses.
  • SERVICES AND ASSISTANCE FOR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, through the implementation of initiatives aimed at the growth of the provincial economy ( promotion of associations , cooperation and training of network systems ; support cooperation and integration between areas , development of entrepreneurship and new business activities ; protection of the ecological environment and socio- economic ) .