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RESTRUCTURING THE WOOD SECTOR - Survey results {reserved_article_title} PDF

This analisys was prepared on the basis of information provided by a variety of stakeholders from the wood sector and that are established in France, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, the United Kingdom and Spain. The document was edited by FEVAMA with the results from the survey sent for Wood2Good project partners. Improving the comprehension of the current situation of the Wood sector regarding employment, market and opportunities was the main survey´s objective. With the results, we can to perform an analysis of the current situation of the sector in Europe and establish recommendations to ensure a responsible change of the SMEs towards the green economy.

Tipus de document

  • Conclusions sobre els casos d'estudi dels Tallers locals
  • Millores pràctiques
  • Propostes verds innovadores


  • Espanya
  • Italia
  • França
  • Bèlgica
  • Anglaterra
  • Hongria


  • Sawed and sanded (A 1st Wood processing)
  • Sheets manufacture (1st Wood processing)
  • Board Manufacturing (1st Wood processing)
  • Industrial preparation (1st Wood processing)
  • Packings and packaging (2nd Transformation)
  • Furniture (2nd transformation)
  • Carpentry (2nd Transformation)
  • Trim and moldings (2nd Transformation)
  • Wood and furniture sector in general
  • Altres

Tipus d'innovació

  • Recursos humans
  • Administrativa
  • Energia
  • Tecnològic
  • Productivitat
  • Competitivitat
  • Internalització
  • Financera
  • Gestió del temps

Paraules clau

  • Energia
  • ús de fusta en cascada
  • Bosc
  • Empremta/avantprojecte
  • Reciclatge
  • Entrenament
  • Metodologia LEAN
  • Procés
  • Construcció
  • Beneficis econòmics
  • Marketing