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Addressing the skills gap: Investment in HR training - Zennaro Giuseppe Legnami (Italy)

The company recognizes a great value in Human Resource Management. Employees represent the interface with the customer. The company's philosophy gives great importance to vocational training and...

Environmental responsibility: Sustainability driven innovation Valcucine (Italy)

In Valcucine the principles of environmental sustainabilty are not part of a single project but are the core values of the company. Since its beginning the company invested in eco-sustainable...

Eco design in the furniture sector - Permasa (Spain)

The company has developed its own ecodesign methodology, focused on the knowledge, investigation and the environmental identification of the materials and processes of Permasa.

Treatment of emissions of VOC´s - Gamadecor (Spain)

Environmental awareness beyond standard requirements such as the use of wood from sustainably managed forests, three year plans for the prevention of waste from packaging materials, raw materials...

Reduction of consumption with the use of new technologies - DILEOFFICE (Spain)

The company uses the social networking in order to expose its products and to interact with is clients. The idea of uploading videos with the assembly instructions on the company´s YouTube chanel...

Highest quality through green sustainability and technology - Rubner (Italy)

The Group builds houses which deliver a sound stress-free lifestyle, implementing ecodesigned solutions. Rubner focuses on wood, natural insulation which has got excellent static properties, short...

Being a vivid part of society: Social solidarity and sustainability - REVERSE (Italy)

Reverse aims to combine the company's profitability with the effectiveness of social benefits so to make a positive impact on the community. For this reason, they try to involve territory...

Addressing productivity increase: Vocational and Team spirit training - MODENESE GASTONE s.a.s. (Italy)

The company's philosophy gives great importance to vocational training and all human resources involvement, developing training programs and refresher courses.

Sustainable forest management and environmental balance - Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme (Italy)

In 1996 Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme undertook a certification process according to FSC standards. A prior self-evaluation was carried out with the help of prof. Pettenella from Padua University;...

Dedication to high quality & environmental certifications - HOME srl (Italy)

In order to offer customers innovative services, the company heads for continuous improvement of internal expertise. It gives great prominence to the interests of all stakeholders, particularly the...

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